It amazes me how little the human race desires to understand the world in which we live. Sure, we pay some attention to some things, but only on a superficial level and for the most part with what we humans deem “cute”. You know, mammals like koalas and giraffes. This is such a shame because there is an unfathomable amount going on below the surface!

While the animal life on this planet is certainly remarkable, I want to focus our attention on the amazing adaptations plant life has developed. In fact, if it wasn’t for plants, it is likely that humans would not exist, at least not for as long as we have. According to Tim Lenton, an earth system scientist at the University of Exeter, it was the first plants that “cooled the climate and increased the oxygen level in the Earth’s atmosphere”, supporting the expansions of terrestrial animal life.

That being said, I love to explain what I know about plants to other people, and I love to see their reaction when they learn something totally unheard of to them, something that makes nature much more interesting. My goal with this blog is to maintain a record of all of these amazing things, in part for my own resource, but also to serve as a resource to others.

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